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Earth and Space is owned and operated by Aerospace Engineer and Author Kim E Moore to augment the most practical science fiction concepts from the pages of his fiction work to service in reality.  He is forever grateful to the government entities, industries, universities, institutions, and companies who grant him permission to share their dreams and efforts with his.  These concepts and the work challenge every aspect of engineering, sciences, management, and exploration disciplines.

From Space to Oceanography
​To Engineering
To Environmental

Almost everything relates to aerospace; this makes almost everything interesting.  Sidekick Max - a rescued Siberian Husky - indirectly plays a role in getting this message across, as well; pretty tall order for husky, but it's find out how, read the novel Down to Earth (when it's published next month).


Planned opportunities will be posted when the novel is published and once Earth and Space is converted into an S-Corp.  Earth and Space should convert from Sole Proprietorship to S Corp in early 2020, maybe as soon as late 2019. It's an exciting time to support aerospace, oceanic, environmental, sustainable energy, lunar, and beyond activities.  Taking on projects and programs that make a significant positive difference for our planet - regardless of how small our role may be - requires talent with the utmost integrity and dedication to meet objectives with excellence within scope, schedule, and budget.  A compensation and benefit plan is being developed that should be highly competitive with the commensurately high standards of the talent that is planned to be needed indefinitely.
Related site: ... it's our 'old school' website but everything there still applies and it goes into much more depth on E&S and E&S history.  Below is a simple (OK, rediculously simple) sample of Earth and Space Logistics Management.  Earth and Space has experience since 1980 in bulk material transport strategy, design, and implementation to drastically reduce the overhead cost of moving large quantities of bulk construction material.  Contact us to team up and begin with project material logistics strategy development.